30 Licenses Sold Already, 5 Licenses Left

My List Building Toolbox Resale Rights


Here's the thing - I wasn't planning on selling this because it is one of my very best sellers - but several of you have asked me to sell the rights to this - so I decided to just release 25 to those of you who really want it...

So...I have decided to do it - here's the way it works - you will get a zip file with all of the original, edittable files, along with pdfs if you want to use them as is.


Here is a link to the sales page (which you will also receive the rights to use, you can also write a new one if you want):

List Building Toolbox


Now - the price.


First of all - you either want this or not - it isn't going to be "cheap" like the other resale rights have been lately. The reason for this is that this package was my very best selling package for 3 years, and not only is it a strong seller, but it has a very high conversion rate to coaching after someone purchases it - it is a great qualifying product and is the ONLY package of its kind ON EARTH. If you are one of the 500 or so people who have bought it and studied it - you know that to be true.

And because I am only planning to sell a few licenses to this product - so that there will be very little, if any competition - and you can use it in your own funnel as a strong seller and a qualifying purchase towards coaching.

I could ask $10,000 for this - and it would be worth that to a few people (it has generated me an estimated $35k in direct sales, plus an estimated tens of thousands in coaching people bought after buying this).

You also should know I charge $1000 per hour for one on one consultation - and this contains many hours worth of email campaign writing, plus the unique combination that I believe makes it sell so well- so just the value of my time, not counting my knowledge that I give you in this program - and that you will now be able to resell - would be between $8000 and $15000.

But frankly, I want to sell these quickly - and want a few people to be able to make a fast decision about reselling these, so I want to keep the price reasonable - so I have set the price at $197.

Note: there is no refund on any resale rights items from me, the reason for this is it isn't fair to those who pay for it and don't ask for a refund. Note: This package includes the list building toolbox zip file, the sales page, the download page, and doc or text files for all the files, so you can edit them and resell them as you wish (you can even rename it, sell it as your own), complete resale rights to resell these an unlimited number of times with no commission to me, use or modify the sales letter to sell the list building toolbox (you cannot use it to sell other products) - the bottom line is, you are getting a great seller for a great price.

Ok, without further adieu, here is the order button:

By the way, I can imagine you might be thinking - can I REALLY make money with this? And let me say this first - you are ONLY going to make money with this if you RESELL it. It will NOT make money sitting on your harddrive. And so if you buy it and do not with it - I can guarantee you will NOT make money with this.


But the thing is - this product converts. The sales letter converts well. And one of the real big reasons for this is that people are looking for ready to use SOLUTIONS for their internet marketing business. And most online materials are not solutions - instead, they are manuals to tell someone what to do.


This package is different, both for you and for the person to whom you sell the package. It is READY-MADE. All you have to do is promote it. And all your buyers have to do is use the ready - made emails in the list building toolbox.

So if you are looking for something super-simple to sell, that converts really well, get this today before it sells out, or your competition will be selling people whom you could have sold.

Take action now while you still can: